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Why I started writing?

This is an announcement post of my blog, I’ll explain why I’ve decided to start blogging and what you would find here in the future.

Why I’ve decided to start blogging?

In the past, I thought that because I don’t have much of my own experience, it’s pointless to write a blog because all I could do was to just repost content from other sites. I feared that not being able to confront it with my own knowledge would make me just thoughtlessly passing hype posts from medium 😓

Yet I deeply wanted to stop being that stalker, which only observes people on the internet. I wanted to somehow jump into the community. The thing that finally convinced me was an experiment - I started writing down every problem that I saw in my workplace (mostly with the codebase and team cooperation) instead of just complaining in the kitchen. It quickly turned out that switching your brain to the state of noticing and writing down all the things, even the smallest ones, results in 15 different things a day that I consider enough valuable to write something about them. And writing makes me reflect on those issues even more.

I came to the conclusion that my inexperienced and “junior” point of view is also valuable and that there is always someone who is a couple of steps behind me on this road. And even if I’m not experienced enough to dispute on the content of other blogs, I can frame it in a different context, translate it or write my own code examples to it.

So, I hope that blogging would help me lead a more conscious and perceptive life, reflect daily on what I’ve learned and in what way it could be useful to others, and would help me connect with other people who are like me 🤝

So what do I want to write about (and when)?

I will be writing for the programmers. Sometimes it will be about coding, sometimes about working in the organization and the career progression. Sometimes it would be just about computers, internet, learning, and stuff. I am aware that although it’s hard to maintain inspiration in a long term, it’s very important for readers to have something new at least once a week. I’ll try to stick to that rule. For now, I have to finish writing my master thesis, but in April I plan to start writing here regularly.

I hope you will want to read some of it 😅

Sincerely yours,

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